FRC 9498- ZENSHIN Robotics


Welcome to ZENSHIN Robotics website!

ZENSHIN Robotics is...

An FRC team established in ZENSHIN Association in September 2023.

The team aims to become the World Champion 

in FIRST Robotics Competition.

Team vision

To be a place where each person participating in the team 

can set their own goals, energetic challenges towards that goal 

and grow through that process

To increase the number of young people with skills such as technical expertise, global communication skills and the ability to foster innovation.

To promote STEM and global activities by providing opportunities for students to independently challenge themselves and grow in science-related global activities.



Students will be leading all the activities. 

Students will run the team and get supported by adults.



This is not a club but a student-led team. 

We aim to be as independent and self-reliant as possible within the school.



To be a team which all members can work together as colleagues, regardless of differences in school or grade.


Place for growth

To be a place where every member can grow by demonstrating their abilities and taking on challenges without fear of making mistakes.

What is FIRST RoBOTICS COmpetition?

The FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) is an international robotics competition for young people aged 15-18, founded by FIRST in 1992 and now involving over 95,000 students in more than 35 countries.

Each year, teams of 10 or more members design, build, programme a robot within a period of approximately six weeks and aim for the Champion. At the same time, they are required to raising funds for all the costs, and develop their coordination and teamwork skills for the competition.


3-team vs. 3-team coalition matches

Each team builds one robot for the competition. In the qualifying rounds, three teams are randomly selected to form one "Alliance" and compete against each other. The format is: improvised coalition (3 teams) vs.

Communication is crucial, as the teams have to work together with teams from various places.

Regulations change every year

As the competition rules changes each year, the functions required for the robot will vary from year to year. 

The regulations for 2023 was as follows. 

During the competition, the robots would collide violently with other robots. Which means the robots also needed to have the strength to withstand this and the team require mechanic skills to repair the robot in a short time and compete in the next match.

Six weeks production time

The rules are announced by English in January every year, and in just six weeks all the teams build their robot which sized approximately 1m x 1m x 1m and weighing 50kg, by the budget they raised. In addition to robot's performance, robot's design and outreach activities (lectures, etc.) are also evaluated and awards.

2023 Season Rules

2022 Season Rules

2021 Season Rules






ZENSHIN, which is challenging the world, requires a large amount of funding for things such as robot production and travel expenses to train younger employees.

Tournament participation: $6000 (1 million yen)

Production cost for one robot: Approximately 1 million yen (inner suspension can be used for next year)

Preliminary travel expenses: Approximately 300,000 yen/person

Travel expenses for finals: Approximately 300,000 yen/person

We have established a membership system for corporations.

Please join us and support us.